Companhia de Sistemas de Residuous Macao

 Companhia de Sistemas de Residuous Macao(CSR), is a 80/20 joint venture between SITA Waste Services of SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT and H. Nolasco & Cia., Lda established in 1992. CSR provides waste services to 600,000 Macau residents and 27 million tourists each year. As Macau's population has been growing and the economy booming rapidly over the years, there has been an increased need for waste services.


CSR provides a wide range of waste services including municipal waste collection, ensuring upkeep of public areas like streets, markets and beaches, maintaining waste collection and storage facilities. CSR also cleans the Macau Government's underground wastewater pumping stations to ensure the facilities are functionally properly. Furthermore, CSR also provides commercial waste collection services. Its clients include gaming industries, hotels and all the commercials sectors, which are strong forces behind Macau's economy.


With over 550 staff and more than 140 vehicles in its operations, CSR collected a total of 263, 385 tonnes of residential and commercial waste in 2011.


CSR is currently applying an underground automatic collection system, with 128 outdoor waste disposal inlets adjacent to waste generation points within the Northern part of Macau, waste can be collected 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, a convenience offered with improved environments to the residents there.