GM/DGM (Derun Env. Tech. Company)

Background of the Company:

Chongqing Derun Environmental Technology Co., Ltd is a platform company for industrial parks founded collectively by Chongqing Derun Environment Co., Ltd, Chongqing Jianqiao Industrial Development Co., Ltd., Chongqing Environmental Science Institute and SUEZ Asia in 2015, with a registered capital of RMB 300 million. The company invests and attracts investments for Chongqing Environmental Protection Technology Industrial Park, and is responsible for the park’s operational management. The industrial park will focus on the introduction of integrated services for environmental protection, environmental protection in high-end manufacturing industry and will establish an environmental protection industry gathering area with multi-functions of financial services, technological research and development, inspection and testing, manufacture and enterprise cultivation, forming an environmental protection industry base with significant influence in China. The company aims at establishing a hundred billion level environmental protection industrial park. The park develops “one park, three districts”, with the planned area of Phase One over 1300 acres.


Job Requirements:

Manage company’s developing strategy and operational plans

Based on the strategic goals proposed by the board of directors, organize to design the short-, mid-, and long-term developing strategy and operational goals for the company; design the operational management plan of each phase for the company according to the company’s developing strategy and supervise its implementation. Responsible for the smooth communication with board of directors, and secure the approval of each operational plan for the company.


Organize and implement the company’s works

Based on the annual operational management plans proposed by board of directors, analyze annual targets and design the company’s business plan. Ensure the accomplishment of each target and profit of the company, realize value of shareholders. Preside over the full operation and management of the company and lead the management team to carry out the company’s business. Authorize department’s managers to organize and implement operational plan, ensure periodic operational targets could be accomplished comprehensively. Responsible for the organization of working plans of the company, summon relevant meetings or issue relevant documents, arrange and implement the plan. Set annual operational management goals, supervise and inspect operation and regularly summon meeting of management committee. Listen to the business report of department heads, supervise the implementation of operational management and results of financial revenue and expenditure plan through the report. Propose effective remedy for problems occurred in the process of implementation and ensure the annual business target.


Resource Management

Manage and allocate the company’s resource;

Responsible for the determination and approval of investment management, marketing management and production management;

Organize and carry out financial budget plan and profit distribution scheme, guide and control expenditure budgets of departments and the usage of capital, audit relevant expenditure scheme and usage.


Human Resource Management

Responsible for the organization and plan of the company’s structure, staffing and various regulations and ensure its implementation. Build and manage the team, strengthen the construction of talent team and the improvement of internal evaluation management scheme. Establish and enhance the enterprise incentive mechanism.

Develop human resource and enhance the core-competitiveness of the company’s human resource.


External Relationship Management

Sign business documents and other files on behalf of the company, within the scope authorized by the board of directors;

Establish and maintain the construction, supervision and implementation of regulations with relevant government departments, important clients, social media.

Establish and improve the internal management scheme of the Group and the company, business procedure and relevant policy as prescribed by regulatory agencies.

Implement the company’s rules and regulations.   



  • Above 10 years’ experience of a middle- or above level management in domestic or foreign large enterprises. Have unique insight and profound professional background in environmental services, circular economy and resource utilization. Have experience in the operation of industrial garden;
  • Experience in the actual management and operation of the company, with acute mind and a strong ability of business negotiation, relationship building and social activity;
  • Have a keen business insight and ability to develop market, have extended human resource network and government resource;
  • Familiar with the development trend and scheme of the company’s operation, with good capability of communication, cooperation and organization, with the capability of strategic planning and overall analysis;
  • With strong leadership and incentive ability, communicative, and build a cooperative culture of emphasis on working efficiency and open communication;
  • With outstanding professional quality and entrepreneurship, with the spirit of team-work, have a strong sense of responsibility and face pressure and challenge, result-oriented;
  • MBA or similar professional qualifications, with working experience of garden developing and introducing investment is preferred;
  • Job location: Chongqing