As a world leading supplier of water and waste management, SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT is dedicated to meeting the increasing shortage of natural resources and the historical challenge of environment protection.A human adventure spanning more than 120 years that continues to unfold day after day.

1880-2010: more than a century of expertise

The Group’s history began in 1858 with Ferdinand de Lessep founding the Compagnie universelle du canal de Suez.The company’s aim was to finance a state-of-the-art project to link the Mediterranean with the Indian Ocean.


Since then, many key dates have marked its history:


1869  Inauguration of the Canal SUEZ


1880  Lyonnaise des Eaux established


1919  SITA is set up in Paris to meet the city's waste collection needs


1939  Establishment of Degrémont in Paris, a water treatment company


1948  Degremont builds the first water treatment factory in Egypt


1960  SITA rapidly expands due to increase in contracts in the Paris suburbs


1975  First desalination plant utilising reverse osmosis in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


1989  SITA started its business in Malaysia and later expanded to Hong Kong


1997  La Lyonnaise des Eaux merges with Compagnie financière de Suez, creating Suez Lyonnaise des Eaux


2002  SUEZ's environmental operations (water management, waste management and partly energy business)  are grouped under one branch


2008  SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT's initial public offering, as a result of the SUEZ and Gaz de France merger, creates a leading pure player in the water and waste businesses


2010  the Group takes control of Agbar, a water industry player operating in Spain and internationally. This acquisition will allow the Group to acquire additional positions in fast-growing markets, primarily in Europe.