Research plays a central role in SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT’s strategy. To stimulate creativity and encourage the emergence of new ideas, the Group promotes more open and collaborative innovation.




The research and innovation (R&I) carried out at SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT is structured around several governance bodies. These bodies aim to propose, identify, finance and monitor research projects on a long- or short-term basis.


SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT has restructured the governance of its R&I programs around 3 areas:

  • Exploratory research, which can involve academic partnerships, investigates new territories or areas within the Group’s areas of operation. Such research is directed by a board composed of representatives from the entire Group in order to initiate long-term projects.
  • Applied research is directly overseen by operational and specialized entities, depending on the business segments involved.
  • Technological development is carried out by operational units.

The Group also has an innovation investment fund: Blue Orange. This fund supports the commercial and industrial development of young companies that create innovative technology in the environmental services sector. With a budget of €50 million over 10 years, Blue Orange positions itself as an investor and industrial partner.


At the same time, SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT has launched Innovation Task Force, a system to govern and steer innovation. It identifies innovative projects that could be accelerated by financing technological tests and industrial pilot projects. Over 20 projects have already been launched.


Key figures


  • €74 million devoted to R&D in 2012
  • Over 400 researchers and experts
  • Over 70 research programmes