Innovation in china

Shanghai Chemical Industry Park Water Research Center


In 2006, SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT and its local partner—Shanghai Chemical Industry Park along with Tongji University and East China University of Science and Technology established the first research center in China who is dedicated to industrial water supply and industrial wastewater treatment. At present, the research center runs well in Shanghai Chemical Industry Park. The research center is dedicated to the research and analysis on industrial wastewater, research and development of industrial wastewater treatment and recycling technologies, sludge treatment and utilization. Since its establishment, the research center has obtained six patents, three of which are patents for invention.


Chongqing Sino French Environmental Protection R&D Center


In 2012, SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT and Chongqing Water Group jointly set up a professional water treatment and environmental research center (“Chongqing Sino French Environmental Excellence Research and Development Centre”). Its main tasks are to develop solutions for water and environmental fields, including applied research on operation and maintenance, process optimization, new technology test, quality and material test, etc. The newly established centre has full access to SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT’s powerful technical and research network, worldwide. This will facilitate the transfer of the group’s environmental solutions for water, wastewater and solid waste treatment to Chongqing. Additionally, the Centre is dedicated to fostering local research talents and enables the company to establish cooperative relationship with leading colleges and universities. It will also team up with local research institutes to share the research resources and results.