Macao Water

Macao Water Supply Company Limited (referred to Macao Water) is a joint venture established by SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT and NWS Holdings Limited .It signed a 25-year exclusive water supply contract with Macao government and formally started operation in an exclusive mode in 1985, and renewed the contract for another 20 years in 2009. Up to now, Macao Water has become a flagship company of SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT in Asia.


Macao Water is the only drinking water supplier, pipe network manager and customer service provider throughout Macao. Facing a series of challenges from the local water such as salt tide, water shortage, etc., Macao Water adopts world leading technologies and effective management and provides more than 550,000 Macao residents and 28 million tourists with drinking water which complies with European standard each year. The volume of water supplied by Macao water each day is up to 330,000 m3. The water loss rate of Macao Water is 8.8%, which is extremely low beyond doubt compared with the average water loss rate of 20% in China.


Three water plants of Macao Water make use of SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT’s patented treatment technologies. The most commendable point is that advanced air floatation ultra filtration treatment process which is second to none in today’s world was used in Phase II expansion project of Dashuitang Water Plant. The process is able to prevent bacterium and viruses, and dissolved mineral cannot be filtered by using PVDF filter membrane.


Macao Water provides high-quality customer service and is deeply trusted by customers. Besides customer service hotline, customer center and household services, Macao Water also has established a customer liaison team, which is made up of Macao Water’ s management, a consumer council and 19 organizations from industrial and commercial circles and among the people. The team holds a meeting on a regular basis. During the meeting, representatives come up with feedback to Macao Water so as to continuously improve its service quality.