SCIP SITA Waste Services Company Limited

SCIP SITA Waste Services Company Limited (SCIP SITA) was jointly built by SCIP DC, SITA Waste Services and NWS Holdings Limited in 2003, with a total investment of 575 million Yuan RMB. SCIP SITA enters into operation in 2006.


SCIP SITA was built in Shanghai Chemical Industry Park, and operates two sets of large-scale hazardous industrial waste incineration processing plant with an annual processing capacity of 60,000 tons. The comprehensive management services provided include the packaging, transfer, transportation, analysis and treatment of various industrial wastes as classified into 27 broad classes and 291 small types by National Hazardous Wastes Catalogue.


The company provides 24-hour continuous, safe and reliable operation service, and its operation management is managed by SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT. The company not only strictly abides by national industry standard, but also operates according to rigorous EU standards in terms of air emissions.


From its establishment up to the present, SCIP SITA has always been among the leaders of this field in China. Over 100 people are working in SCIP SITA. Developing talent and transferring knowledge from Europe to China is a priority for the group. SCIPSITA is delivering value to industrial customers by recycling the Hazardous Waste into energy and by offering environmental friendly solution to industrial customers.