Suzhou Industrial Park Sludge Treatment Project

A Model of Circular Economy


Suzhou Industrial Park Sludge Treatment project is invested, built and operated by SFET, the joint venture between SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT’s subsidiary Sino French Water and CS Public Utilities. It is the first sludge drying project in Jiangsu Province, with the daily designed treatment capacity of 300 tons of wet sludge.


Complying with the philosophy of "industrial synergy and recycling", the sludge plant, sewage treatment plant and co-generation power plant are located adjacently to each other, so that the resources sharing and recycling between the three plants can be realized.


The project employs two phases low temperature drying technology which is characterized by “saving energy, low consumption, safety and environmental-friendly. The waste heat generated from the first phase is recycled to the second phase, which saves 40% of energy per ton wet sludge for full drying compared with the processes of its kind.This project realized harmless treatment, reduction and stabilization of sludge as well as utilization for resources. The secondary pollution of wet sludge is completely solved; meanwhile it can produce the biomass fuel equivalent to 1.2 million tons of standard coal per year.


The project has been awarded a number of honorable titles. After operation for one year, the project has been certificated with ISO9001 ISO14001 and OHSAS18001.