Vice President (Marketing)

Job Requirements:

  • Establish and maintain regular contacts with government departments, academic and professional bodies, business partners, etc. Be able to obtain the projects that fulfill company’s strategic development;
  • Responsible for market intelligence, company search and industrial study;
  • Design strategic planning and execute deploying work;
  • Responsible for Business Development, leading the team;
  • Responsible for the business developing tasks assigned by shareholders, leading the team to pass the company’s performance assessment;
  • Responsible for projects follow-up, including projects technical study, bidding & tendering and contract negotiation.



  • Education: Bachelor Degree or above, environment related major;
  • Familiar with environmental business, have certain ability of industry research and deep understanding of the industry;
  • Above 15 years’ experience in environmental services, circular economy and resource utilization or water supply/drainage, have extended network and project resource in aforementioned industry, and have at least 5 years’ experience at senior position;
  •  Familiar with the operational procedure of projects within the industry and have a keen insight and judgment of the industry and project. Have a good controlling ability on the implementation of projects. Participated in several large environmental services, circular economy and resource utilization or water/drainage projects. Have experience in marketing operation;
  • Familiar with the current market situation of Chinese and international environmental industry, as well as the working procedure of Chinese government agencies, central enterprises within the industry, state-owned enterprises and relevant policies and regulations;
  • With experienced negotiation skills, promptly build healthy cooperation with various parts;
  • Hard-working, have a sense of responsibility and a strong anti-pressure ability. Can afford long-term business trip.
  • With good Chinese and English language skills, using English as working language is preferred.